Friday, September 21, 2012

Spring RTW 2013: Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton's Spring collection really captures the vibe of the season for me. The prints are borderline gaudy without being tacky. I love the naked ladies! They are done very graphically so as to not be offensive but are still suggestive. (Those naked lady print pants from the 5th look? Amazing!!) The florals are playful which is refreshing as most collections I have seen this season have been extremely modest about them. Holly's florals are in your face and I love it! She owns it. I love her experimentation with material, namely the vinyl dress in the last look. I am also completely obsessed with the blue vinyl bag from the 4th look. She is not the only one to do a see-through bag this season but I especially like the shape and color she chose. I have to say the styling of the entire collection with a simple, flat espadrille was a very good choice because it grounds the whimsical designs. Holly Fulton's collection was a breath of fresh Spring air. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and really, isn't fashion about having fun?

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