Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sun is Shining

Okay guys, it is officially spring in the city and we all know what that means. Time to reassess the warm weather uniform. The best place to start? The perfect sunglasses. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of black statement sunnies, and during my incessant researching, I stumbled upon a brand that I think everyone should know. Valley Eyewear encompasses everything I am looking for in a pair of shades. They are angular, interesting, plastic (metal is irritating when the temperature is too extreme) and oversized. They are also under $200! This crazy cat-eyed pair is the one I have my heart set on. Which are your faves?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Black & White

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Orange Crush

Orange Crush

A pop of orange (hah!) is one clearly visible trend on the streets of New York.  While I typically don't wear the bright color,  I would incorporate it into my daily digs from heels to hoodies. In order to let the eye adjust, pair  the fluorescent shades with camo and earth tones.
And if you are from Ohio, you have no reason not to rep the favorited football color! 

Friday, February 22, 2013


Somebody over at Christopher Kane has been watching too much Walking Dead. But I am not complaining! I am willing to bet my first born that it will be a highly knocked-off concept by the fast fashion market (coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you) but before we are forced to be subjected to head to toe brain prints on every hipster in Brooklyn, let us enjoy the funny inspiration at Christopher Kane's latest show. More impressive than the simple brain tee and sweater is the abstracted brain print on the black shift dress. It makes for a wonderfully unique and organic pattern. But, the collection itself, although filled with interesting and experimental pieces, seems a bit schizophrenic to me. Like, maybe Kane sat down and wrote out all of the trends he was ever hoping to try in his career (and some trends he has already tried and is now revisiting) and executed them all in one season. We have camouflage, kilts, feathers, winter florals, geometric patterns, brains, velvet, dresses that look like they were electrified and detached seams all at once. What could have been years of amazing collections was crammed hurriedly onto one runway. Could it be that Kane is indeed planning for an impending zombie apocalypse? That would certainly answer some questions for me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basics for Space Travel

The best and worst thing about the latest collection by fashion darling, Olivier Theyskens, is its wearability. The collection's inspiration was "comfy enough to wear overnight on a spaceship" with a heavy emphasis on comfort. The Theyskens' girl is looking to minimize for the future and it shows in effortlessly cool blazers in far-out materials and amped-up basics in the way of slouchy patent leather trousers (a popular silhouette on the fall/winter '13 runway) and chunky knit sweaters. There were lots of grumbles throughout the fashion community due to the lack of wow factor but I am impressed by Olivier's ability to put a collection sans fanfare on the runway. It is refreshingly crisp. Side note, it seems as though tall boots are making a serious come back in up-coming chilly months and if that is the case, the featured boot at Theyskens' Theory might have to become an integral player in my 2014 winter wardrobe.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Biker Babes at Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim always gets a shout out from me for its beautifully edgy leather pieces. This season he channeled the woman behind the biker, aka the biker's girlfriend, meaning my craving for leather has been fulfilled in the way of color-blocked leather skinny pants, chap-like thigh-high boots (with open toes!! Swoon!) and of course, bad-ass leather jackets. I am also overjoyed to see that sweatshirts are a trend that has transcended spring 2013 into oncoming seasons. The black leather sweatshirt, in particular, would be a very welcome addition to my cold weather uniform. Paired with the quilted skinny jogging pant and it is in the running (pun intended) to be my favorite outfit ever! That being said, there were definitely some pieces in this collection I did not care for, including the oversized suits and patched denim. Can't win 'em all though, eh, Lim?

Sally LaPointe is ON POINT.

Sally LaPointe has not been on the scene long, but like a seasoned pro she let's her very sleek, minimal silhouettes and luxurious textiles speak for themselves. She adds a little intrigue and sex appeal to an otherwise understated collection with some strategically placed cutouts. An open back here, a peek of a ribcage there, proving the theory that a little skin goes a long way. She has even managed to make a sliver of wrist tantalizing. Speaking of that red dress with the wrist cutouts, red is one of the few colors I incorporate consistently into my own wardrobe, so I love the choice to make the various shades of red throughout her only pops of color. Also, I am a complete sucker for the pant under dress combo, so naturally, I am obsessed with Sally LaPointe's layering of supple leather leggings under long, slitted and draped tunics and skirts. The white leather pant is especially eye catching. All in all, a totally timeless collection.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art Deco Designs

Catherine Malandrino's FW 2013 collection was a great mix of the ever popular leather and geometric designs. The lace and beaded detailing were impeccable. It was both contemporary and vintage-inspired; a combination I can't resist. Most of her looks were long and lean, every woman's aspiration.