Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sally LaPointe is ON POINT.

Sally LaPointe has not been on the scene long, but like a seasoned pro she let's her very sleek, minimal silhouettes and luxurious textiles speak for themselves. She adds a little intrigue and sex appeal to an otherwise understated collection with some strategically placed cutouts. An open back here, a peek of a ribcage there, proving the theory that a little skin goes a long way. She has even managed to make a sliver of wrist tantalizing. Speaking of that red dress with the wrist cutouts, red is one of the few colors I incorporate consistently into my own wardrobe, so I love the choice to make the various shades of red throughout her only pops of color. Also, I am a complete sucker for the pant under dress combo, so naturally, I am obsessed with Sally LaPointe's layering of supple leather leggings under long, slitted and draped tunics and skirts. The white leather pant is especially eye catching. All in all, a totally timeless collection.

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