Friday, February 22, 2013


Somebody over at Christopher Kane has been watching too much Walking Dead. But I am not complaining! I am willing to bet my first born that it will be a highly knocked-off concept by the fast fashion market (coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you) but before we are forced to be subjected to head to toe brain prints on every hipster in Brooklyn, let us enjoy the funny inspiration at Christopher Kane's latest show. More impressive than the simple brain tee and sweater is the abstracted brain print on the black shift dress. It makes for a wonderfully unique and organic pattern. But, the collection itself, although filled with interesting and experimental pieces, seems a bit schizophrenic to me. Like, maybe Kane sat down and wrote out all of the trends he was ever hoping to try in his career (and some trends he has already tried and is now revisiting) and executed them all in one season. We have camouflage, kilts, feathers, winter florals, geometric patterns, brains, velvet, dresses that look like they were electrified and detached seams all at once. What could have been years of amazing collections was crammed hurriedly onto one runway. Could it be that Kane is indeed planning for an impending zombie apocalypse? That would certainly answer some questions for me.

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