Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coordinated Couples

Coordinated Couples

The Kooples (accessorized here with Miu Miu pumps for her and YSL sneakers for him) is a concept brand that is transforming the way we think about dressing.... our boyfriends. Every good couple reaches a point in their relationship when they can communicate without speaking. Does this subconscious connection also affect your closet? "The Kooples", a french slang term for couples, is based on that very idea. They have created a vintage-feeling, androgynous line of "coupleswear" that is going to have him dressing from your closet for a change. Coming to the States via Bloomingdale's in September and getting its own stand-alone store in NYC at the end of 2012.

Indigo suit trousers
$240 -

Women?s dinner suit style trousers
$215 -

$155 -

Dinner jacket
$415 -

Miu Miu leather pumps

Blouson double face
$1,095 -

Tshirt "Punk skull"
$80 -

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